How good of dudes are the guys that comprise Uncle Lucius? When their van got stolen, on the very first night of 18 city tour, stranding them nearly 1,000 miles from home, all they ask of their fans is to "Please send your positive vibes our way."

Last night while the boys were busy playing good music for the good people of Denver, Co.,  inside Larimer Lounge, a person, or persons, took it upon themselves to relieve Jon, Michael, Kevin, and Josh of their 2012 Ford van.

While it hasn't been confirmed, but since UL was on stage during the crime, it would seem safe to assume the lone bright side is the guys had all of their gear on stage with them. We're all hopeful that is the case.

And a message to whomever jacked Uncle Lucius' van? Uncle Lucius still loves you.

Time to send the guys some major positive vibes and download their new album "The Light."


Our van and trailer was just stolen in Denver! While we were playing at the Larimer Lounge someone stole our 2012 white...

Posted by Uncle Lucius on Thursday, July 9, 2015

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