NFL games will certainly take on some changes in 2020 with concerns about COVID-19. One thing being considered is no alcohol sales in the stadiums. That’s a big one!



According to NBC Sports, one NFL insider, Peter King of NBC Sports, suggested the idea in his Football Morning in American column where he outlined his reasoning for not serving alcohol at NFL stadiums this upcoming season. He says that every time you get up at the stadium to go get another drink or use the bathroom, you make it harder to follow CDC guidelines on social distancing.

Look at how much money the NFL would lose by not serving beer at their stadiums. Anheuser-Busch reached a deal with the NFL at a cost of $1.4 billion to make Bud Light the league's official beer in 2015 and that contract runs through 2022. So, If the NFL elected not to serve beer at stadiums, not only would they be turning down the revenue from drinks sold, but they would most likely have to return money to the brands that paid to have their respective drinks served at every season’s home games.

Another major concern for the NFL has got to be...if they don’t sell beer, will the fans come or will they watch it in a sports bar or at home where they get another beer from the fridge”?

Fans have a big say in this too!

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