Going for a bite to eat at a local venue turned ended up be more of a good time than just that.  Stillwater Bar & Grill has a constant supply of music, mix that with the food and drinks and Sunday Funday has begun.


On this lovely Sunday in San Angelo I didn't have much planned.  Ashley wanted to take me to see The Avengers, other than that we had just planned on hanging out.  My buddy Bob Simpson shot me a text that he was playing at Stillwater Bar & Grill, I wanted to go and just catch the show but Ashley and I had decided to catch an early showing of The Avengers.  We got to the theater about 2:45 just to find out the 3:00 showing of The Avengers was sold out so we figured we could catch a later show of 10:00 so we could check out the solar eclipse.

We ended up heading out to Stillwater to catch the show and grab a burger which turned out to be a treat.  Bryce Jones was up on stage with Bob jammin' out.  Bob and Bryce feed well off each other on the stage and are some fantastic musicians.  They both have a pretty keen sense of humor and we went back and forth, them heckling me from the stage and me heckling them from my table.  Next thing I know somebody walks up behind me and grabs my shoulder.  I'll be darned if it wasn't Travis Jones, Bryce's younger brother and bass player, along with their mother.  Trav and Mrs. Jones sat with Ashley and I which made for lots of jokes and cutting up along with trying to make Bob and Bryce laugh while singing.  We had a great time.  We were having such a great time in fact we missed the solar eclipse.  Derek, manager of Stillwater, said it was a typical Sunday.  He said Sunday's are typically an open mic type of thing on the outdoor stage filling the air with great music from some of the Concho Valley's best artists.  Combining the music, delicious dishes and cold beer makes for one heck of a Sunday Funday.

Soon enough people started driving up and pulling their boats right up to the docks.  A few other muscicians showed up and took the stage.  All in all it was a good time and I suggest giving it a shot for a relaxing fun filled Sunday 'Funday' afternoon.


P.S. Ryan Beaver will be performing live at Stillwater this Saturday May 26th.  Listen to Kickin' Country 103.1 to score some passes for the show.


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