Steve Helms will be back in town this Friday evening jammin' out with some of the best singer/songwriters in San Angelo. 


Steve Helms will be jammin' out with Bob Simpson and Kramer LaBarge this Friday at Stillwater Bar & Grill.  Most of us in the Concho Valley are familiar with Bob and Kramer's music but if you've never seen Steve before you should definitely think about checking it out.  Steve and I have been friends for a while now and I've got to tell you, this guy is talented and pretty dang funny too.  You may recall the on air interview I had with Bo Phillips and Steve Helms at the same time and how it got a little crazy.  You can expect all of that humor and crazyness along with true Texas Country this Friday at Stillwater Bar & Grill.  Steve, Bob and Kramer all three have different styles and it'll be a heck of show.  These guys have also all hung out before so you can expect some good jokes and probably them picking on each other a little bit.

Don't forget Stillwater Bar & Grill is all ages and also has a full restaurant so come hungry.  If you're on the lake that day no worries just pull your boat right up to the boat docks out back.  Stillwater has it all; food and drinks, live music, boat and car parking, an inside if it's hot or you can hangout outside in the grass or under the patio.  See you there San Angelo.

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