It's a real-life cyclops.

A goat (and we all love goats, right?) born with one eye is making headlines in India. The creature, who suffers from a condition called cyclopia, was born May 10 in the village of Assam.

According to National Geographic, cyclopia is when "the orbits of the eyes fail to develop into two cavities."

The goat also has one ear, has a malformed jaw and is missing teeth, eyelids and eyelashes.

So far, the goat has proven to be something of a miracle, though, since doctors predicted it would die within a few days of birth. It's also been something of a tourist attraction, with people trekking to Assam to see the animal. And it's okay that Assam isn't exactly easy to visit. People have been flocking to YouTube to get a look at the animal -- it's been viewed nearly three million times.

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