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It was announced recently the Interstate 14 Corridor is about to be expanded across five states through the southern U.S. The news has people buzzing around San Angelo about the interstate passing through our city.

But not only will San Angelo see Interstate 14, but another interstate is expected to intersect with I-14 in the city. According to KLST/KSAN:

“It has been a privilege to serve alongside Judge Floyd on the I-14 Gulf Coast Strategic Highway Coalition as a City of San Angelo representative, and as the West Texas Central Regional Representative on the Transportation Advocates of Texas,” said Guy Andrews, City of San Angelo Economic Development director. “Both the City and County have worked tirelessly for years to advance recognition of the I-14 corridor and to move it through the legislative processes. I-14 is anticipated to intersect with I-27 in San Angelo, so this is a real game changer for our ability to attract businesses and industry to San Angelo, Tom Green County and the Concho Valley.”

If you didn't know, Interstate 14 is already a thing. Right now, it's just a 25 mile stretch of highway between Belton and Copperas Cove in Central Texas.

The Interstate Highway System was started back in the 1950s during the Eisenhower administration with the passage of the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956. In August of that year, work began on the first interstate in Missouri.

23 years later in 1979, Interstate 5 was completed in California making it the first continuous highway linking the U.S. and Mexico.

Seven years after that in 1986, the first coast to coast interstate highway was completed when the last section of Interstate 80 was completed in Utah.

In six years after the completion of I-80 in 1992, the Interstate Highway System was considered finished when a stretch of I-70 in Colorado was completed.

From 1956 to 1992, it took 36 years to complete the Interstate Highway System across our vast country.

I say all that to say this. What's being overlooked by some is that these interstates will not come to San Angelo overnight. There must be planning. There must be land set aside and rights of way need to be obtained. Overpasses will need to be built. Exits will need to be constructed. And let's not forget all the miles of asphalt that need to be laid down.

Yes, it is great that an interstate or even two interstates are coming to San Angelo, and kudos to all those who worked hard to make it happen, but it's going to be years, maybe even decades before we see interstates here.

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