All this month we are teaming up with Moore Office Supplies in San Angelo to give away office chairs to breast cancer survivors. One chair a week and this week the chair is going to Paula Lester of Ozona.

I have tears in my eyes reading Paula's story.

Hi, my name is Paula Lester, I am a Breast Cancer FIGHTER! Here is my story. I am a Teaching Assistant at Ozona Middle School. But I also teach tech classes and drive a bus route. I retired 2 years ago but missed it, so when back to work last year. Then in October of 2019 I went to the doctor with a bleeding mole. Found out I had a T4 Melanoma Cancer in my left bicep. Had surgery to have it removed along with 2 lymph nodes that had it also. Next, the doctors wanted to do a PET scan to be sure they got it all. Well, in the results of the PET scan they found I have Breast Cancer in the left breast. It measured 5cm. So, they put the Melanoma on hold and started treatments for the Breast Cancer. I went through 20 Weeks of Chemo not missing any work at school but for appointments and a couple hours that I went home for a nap and then returned to school to teach my classes and drive my bus. Then in May I had a mastectomy of the left breast. They also remove 21 more lymph nodes that had Breast Cancer and Melanoma in 4 of them. Because of what they found, I am now going through 5 weeks of Radiation. (3 more days) A side affect of the radiation is Lymphedema, so I am also going through Physical Therapy to help me try to control the Lymphedema. I am also going through Infusion of Immunotherapy for a year to help my immune system fight the cancers. When school resumed this year, I returned teaching my classes and driving my bus. I have only missed the afternoons for my radiation and physical therapy. I listen to KGKL on my drive to San Angelo and back everyday and it helps me. I also listen while driving my bus. I don't know what the Doctors have in store for me but I will continue to work at school and drive my bus route. The kids at school and my family have been my salvation. School keeps me busy and gives me encouragement to keep fighting. I will beat this awful disease!

Paula, you have everyone at Townsquare Media San Angelo, and in the state of Texas rooting for you.

If you would like to nominate a breast cancer survivor that you know, you can do so here.


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