All types of dogs need love - all pets for that matter. Unfortunately, Chihuahuas are similar to other breeds that some people have deemed 'aggressive' and have a higher number in shelters, and tend to have a harder time finding a family willing to adopt them. It's sad because we all know that dogs are some of the most loving, caring, and loyal friend a person can have.

Due to a large amount of chihuahuas being rescued from the shelter, you can get the dog of your dreams now at a price that you'll love. Now through the end of July only, you can adopt one of these cuties for only $50.00. That saves you a full $100. Every single one of these dogs are fully vetted and ready to adopt now. They are just waiting in the perfect family.

There is no reason that any pet should go without a loving family just because there are people out there trying to give the breed a bad rap. Chihuahuas are lovable, cute, and just plain adorable, and they just want to  be loved in return. If you are interested in adding to your family, stop by the Concho Valley PAWS adoption center in the Mall.