Professional Bull Riding Champion J.B. Mauney will be riding for the big bucks this weekend at the AT&T Stadium. He rides in Iron Cowboy 6 on Saturday and in RFD-TV's The American on Sunday.

We had a chance to talk with J.B. and here's his thoughts on both events, bad bulls, and more.

Iron Cowboy 'is you get on until you get throwed off'. The American is the largest one rodeo ever, and he won it last year, with a 'not to bad' pay day of a $100,000 purse.

He's been beat up this season, sitting at number 5 right now. He ended up taking a little break this past weekend in order to be fresh for Iron Cowboy 6 and the American.

I also wanted to know what his best career bull riding he's had so far, and he said about two years ago, he rode world champion Bucking Bull of the Year, Bushwacker. Not many people can claim that particular fame as Bushwacker was retired this past year.

Best bull rider, in his opinion, still riding? He says it's so hard to narrow it down to one, but if he had to... 'Silvano Alves. He does it a little different...he's got a business man's attitude about it.'

One of the best bull riders, in his opinion, not still riding? He says, 'Justin McBride. I was fortunate enough to come around, you know, when he was still competing. He done it like I like to do it. He let it all hang out every time'.

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