The Damn Quails have admitted time and again that it's been a drama-filled several years since the release of their first album "Down the Hatch" in 2011. The band has talked loosely about a long, messy legal battle with the co-founder of the label that released their first record, but have been pretty tight-lipped about any details. Despite the success of the first album, any other releases seemed to be on hold until the band could put issues with labels past behind them. We haven't heard official word, but this now seems to be the case.

The band has announce it's starting work on a new Album and is looking to fans rather than a label for help. The Damn Quails have just under a month to reach their $50,000 goal via this Kickstarter Campaign. In return for your support, the Quails are offering everything from advanced digital download of the album to a complete weekend all-access weekend with a spot for you and a friend riding along on their tour bus.

So far the news is good. One day into the campaign and the group had already found their way to almost $5,500 in pledges. As with all Kickstarter campaigns, however, the band won't get any of the money unless their full goal amount is reached within the next month.

You can learn more about the campaign and pledge your support here.

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