The Damn Quails

The Damn Quails Announce 'Indefinite Hiatus'
Their 2011 album Down the Hatch was an amazing debut project. That year, The Damn Quails, headed by Gabriel Marshall and Bryon White, had us all certain we had found the future of Red Dirt.
But it was nearly five years before they Oklahoma-based band was able to put out a follow up album, due to lega…
The Damn Quails Tour Manager Went Missing in Houston
Troubling news this morning, as The Damn Quails shared on social media that their tour manager, Colin Deyalsingh, has been missing since Saturday around 11 p.m. The Band is asking if anyone has any information on his whereabouts to please call CTK Entertainment at 512-312-9350...
Win New Damn Quails on Vinyl
As you heard HERE first, the debut single from The Damn Quails' sophomore record has been kicked out of nest and is flying across radio airwaves throughout the Texas/Red Dirt scene.
Scene-lebrity Tweets of the Week | Week Ending June 8, 2015
It's true. I am a long time fan-girl of the Texas-Red Dirt Music scene. As such I can personally say how much I LOVE and appreciate when artists let us in to their lives and careers through their social media accounts. As opposed to just Tweeting to remind us when and where they can buy their m…