The smartest thing about the new preview for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man‘ is that it doesn’t show too much of Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker becoming Spider-Man. What it does offer is footage of Spidey acting heroic, saving children and fighting Rhys Ifans’s Curt Connor/The Lizard. It shows a size and scale that makes it look like a new take on the material, and makes us cautiously optimistic. Check it out…

It also looks like Garfield takes the mask off a lot in the film, which is smart as Sam Raimi’s first ‘Spider-Man’ had a wonky moment when two masked actors had a conversation and it looked like everything was recorded on a looping stage. They’ve at least learned from the earlier films.

For this thing to work – as a recent reboot – audiences need to know that they’re not being told the same story again, and this smartly plays up the ways Marc Webb’s film is different from Raimi’s Spider-trilogy. The film is a studio patient zero for reboots, and how audiences accept or reject it will change the way studios go about renewing their superheroes.

This is also the best trailer that they’ve put out, and that’s good as the film’s July 3 release date isn’t that far away. We know we’ll see it anyway, but we hope for the best.

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