What year is this?  If Ashton Kutcher returns to hosting duties for MTV’s hit prank show ‘Punk’d,’ does that mean ‘The Matrix’ sequels have come out?  Did President Gore implement his global warming solutions?  Are we still waiting for Guns ‘N’ Roses to release their masterpiece “Chinese Democracy?”  Well, if MTV ever takes a break from showing wall-to-wall music videos, we’ve got good news for Ashton Kutcher fans!

Former ‘Punk’d’ host, movie star and turtleneck-wearing Apple honcho Steve Jobs Ashton Kutcher will soon return to his roots, according to MTV.  No, it’s not the long-awaited revival of ‘That 80′s Show’ we’ve all been waiting for (we’ll not speak of the other one), but rather MTV has announced that Kutcher will once again take hosting duties for the revived celebrity pranking series, however briefly.

Kutcher, who first created the show back in 2003 and hosted until 2007, will return to the throne for one night only on June 3 as part of the 2012 MTV Movie Awards pre-show, hosted by English funnyman Russell Brand.  Reportedly, Kutcher’s installment will punk two high-profile celebrities whose identities have yet to be revealed.  As EW points out, it’s likely that the would be stars with upcoming projects to promote, but there may never be a better opportunity to reprise Kutcher’s legendary pranking spree on Justin Timberlake.  A fan can dream.

‘Punk’d’ ended its Kutcher-centric run in 2007, only to revive this year without the former ‘That 70′s Show star in the lead, instead rotating celebrity hosts from week to week.

What say you?  Does it ring your nostalgic bells to see Kutcher back in the punking chair?  Would you like to see the ex-Mr. Demi Moore return to the series further, or are you enjoying the new iteration?  Sound off in the comments below!

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