When we carve pumpkins, we generally use a knife, but they must do things a little differently in the South. For example, Tennessee resident and YouTuber Hickok45 carves his pumpkin with a Colt 1911 handgun. Why, you may ask? Because using anything else would just be plain silly.

In fact, this macho real-life Ron Swanson has been carving his pumpkins this way for several years and he doesn't show any signs of stopping now. He gleefully brandishes his firearm, which he calls a "common household tool," then fills the defenseless pumpkin with 22 slugs, chuckling to himself all the while.

In the end, he's left with a bullet-ridden pumpkin that looks positively terrified. "Looks pretty good, doesn't he? Handsome. Looks a little bit like me," he laughs. Hey, you said it. We didn't.

But Hickok45's hatred of pumpkins doesn't end there. Check out this video from his ongoing "pumpkin killing" series, where he dispatches gourds by axe, sword, motorcycle and cinder block. Be afraid, pumpkins. Be very afraid.

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