Hard to believe, but it's been almost four year since Reckless Kelly released Sunset Motel, their last new album. It was announced yesterday that Reckless Kelly is gonna fix that problem for RK fans, releasing two new albums on May 22nd.

The name of the two albums, American Jackpot and American Girls. Front man, Willy Braun tells Billboard that American Jackpot is "songs about America and American themes and stories...but I didn't want it to be all rah! rah! rah! kind of stuff." Rather, American Jackpot has songs about Jackie Robinson and riding mules out of the Grand Canyon. "It's not all about America in your face," Braun says. "It's things you experience when you live here; characters and situations."

Our first listen to both albums comes in the form of "I Only See You With My Eyes Closed," the lead single was jut released yesterday. Give it a listen up top.

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