Do you ever get caught up in the daily grind of things and think to yourself "I need a break"?



This past weekend was a great feeling for me to get to kick back and relax, I never had any idea that it was going to be the best thing for my inner-self though. With the onset of a long weekend I decided to take some time to do some things that I truly enjoy doing and that are stress relievers and ways for me to escape the daily grind of work. As always there is one thing that just chaps your back side that you have to go do and that for me was going to a graduation of someone you really don't know and on top of that the driving everywhere on a holiday.  After one day of gruesome faking that I was happy to be at a graduation I managed to take sometime off for me. I spent the rest of my weekend camping and being on the lake two things that I did a lot of when I was younger but don't take the time to do as often as I would like to now. My weekend started with a little bit of fun in the sun on Lake Nasworthy with some family and friends and when it came time to hit the hay for the night I pitched a tent for the night. Even with a very frustrated look from my girlfriend I managed to get her to stay and camp in the great outdoors with me. I love the sound of a tent popping in the wind with the cool breeze blowing thru and the sounds of crickets and frogs singing away. Now that's what I'm talking about a few nights that brought back many memories of being a kid and camping by the river with friends. Now as always you have to have one incident and that was when we woke up the next morning and there was a spider on my girlfriends bag, she let out a shriek that woke the entire park up at 7am but hey its only one minor set back to a great weekend.

How do you reconnect with your self when you need a get away from the daily grind of things?


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