Nothing says summer like a road trip, and for 40 percent of Americans, that's the way they're going to go on vacation and long weekends, especially because they believe it's a cheaper way to enjoy themselves than flying to a destination.


However, as a survey of 1,000 adults by points out, 95 percent of road trippers wind up spending more than they had budgeted when they're actually on vacation.

The number-one way to splurge is on food and restaurants, the poll found, followed by gasoline, with hotels and entertainment costs tied for third.

And while travelers might later regret it, 77 percent say they'll partake in foods and beverages that they don't normally enjoy at home, with ice cream topping the list. The other so-called "guilty pleasures" are baked goods, chocolate, pizza and alcohol.

As for people who don't like to pile in a car and drive hundreds, or even thousands, of miles, the chief reasons they give, in order, are a change in their financial situation, a bad weather forecast and rising gas prices.

 Road Trippin

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