"Everyone's Looking for Home" is the lead single from Sam Outlaw's forthcoming sophomore album, Tenderheart. The singer-songwriter has released a music video to go with the song, giving viewers an inside look into the juxtaposition between having a family and being a touring musician.

The "Everyone's Looking for Home" video (which readers can watch above) was directed by Max Cutrone and Jordan Lovelis. Using iPhone footage from Outlaw, the video alternates between tour life and home life; the home videos show what Outlaw deals with while he's out on the road -- hours of driving, sneaking in naps when you can, beer, pizza and lots of time onstage -- and what he leaves behind every time he goes out on the road: his beautiful wife, his young son and moments of pure laughter and love.

"Everyone's Looking for Home" is a mellow songs that finds Outlaw brooding over the conflicting emotions: "If you find yourself and you're still feeling restless / It's 'cause everyone's looking for home," he sings.

“This is essentially a song to myself. A reflection of the life I’ve chosen and all the things I've had to ‘un-choose' along with it,” Outlaw tells Fader. “It was difficult to leave home when it was just me and my wife, but now that I have a son it’s often unbearable to be away."

"So why do this s--t? Because there’s that thing inside that says it’s what I’m supposed to do," Outlaw adds. "Accepting that is only the first step, though — and the self-important 'hero’s journey' crap only gets in the way of seeing what I’m supposed to see and learning what I’m supposed to learn."

Outlaw will be touring throughout the spring in promotion of Tenderheart, which is set for release on April 14 on Six Shooter Records. For more info on his upcoming show dates, visit his official website.

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