In 2013, Sam Riggs was a Florida transplant hoping to break into the Texas country scene. With a handful of solid tunes and a mentor in Ray Wylie Hubbard, he released his first album 'Outrun The Sun' and slowly built a following with shows and radio success.

After several years of touring and promoting his first album and who he is, Riggs has picked up a lot of buzz. On Feb. 19, Riggs will release 'Breathless', his sophomore album and first new music in three years.

“It’s definitely different,” says Riggs of the new 11 track album. “A little edgier; a change in tone.”

Breathless is entirely co-written with other artists. Sam says that for 'Breathless', co-writes were essential to bringing a slightly different voice that would ultimately complement Riggs melody-driven style.

“I want to grow and show people that growth, but it has to be calculated in a way so that I don’t lose people,” he says. “I don’t want to throw people for so much of a curve-ball that they’re like, ‘what the heck?’”

Riggs is pretty much going-all-in banking on the success of 'Breathless'. He had to put up more than $30,000 to make sure the album would get made on time before launching a Kick starter campaign to raise another $32,000 to promote the album on a national level.

Riggs has always strived to reach beyond his Texas country roots, and his sophomore effort 'Breathless' will undoubtedly be a big part of his success in reaching beyond the Lone Star State.

'The Lucky Ones' is Sams current single. Check it out in the above lyric video.