In today's society, social media takes up 3.2 hours of the average American's day.  I figured it would be more given the numbe of social media sites available.

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In today's world Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and whatever other social media probably what we use our smartphones for the most.  Every couple of months another social media outlet is created and whether it catches on or flops is iffy.  The first time I signed in a social media site was MySpace back in the day and since the MySpace days so many other sites have popped up.  It's sad to say that I use four different social media sites/apps daily.  Heck I probably use them each hourly.  I am on The Vine, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and Lord knows I'll probably find another one tomorrow.  Most of us are somewhat addicted to one or more so I want to know how many social media sites/apps you use daily.  Are you hopelessly addicted like me or do you have it under control?