Valentine's Day may be in the air, but it seems like there isn't a ton of love for Facebook

Why? Because we may have had our fill of the social networking site.

According to a new Pew survey, 61% of people have taken a break from the social networking site for several weeks at a time.

The survey also revealed some other interesting findings that confirm how ingrained Facebook has become in our lives.

Who’s using this Facebook you speak of?

Two out of three American adults who use the Internet are on Facebook. That easily outdistances the 20% who use LinkedIn and the 16% on Twitter. Twenty percent of respondents with access to the Internet say they’ve used Mark Zuckerberg’s creation at some point in time, but have since quit. Facebook claims it has more than one billion people accounts who access their account at least once a month. More than 150 million of its users reside in the US.

Why are people quitting?

Checking in on Facebook almost seems as much a part of people’s daily routines as a morning shower, so it’s interesting to see why people are shunning it. The most common answer is there isn’t enough time. Twenty percent say they are too busy living their own non-social media lives. Another 10% say it’s a waste of time, 9% report they’ve had enough of all the gossip and negativity they read and 8% claim they were logged on too much.

Why are people still using Facebook?

Even though the rate of these Facebook vacations may seem high, don’t be fooled – the site is still more popular than the handsome, good-natured varsity quarterback. Fifty-nine percent say the site is as important as it was to them last year and 12% say it’s more important than it was 12 months ago. A whopping 69% intend to spend the same amount of time on Facebook in 2013 as they did last year, with 27% spending cutting back.


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