Abandoned places always conjure up images in our mind. It is unavoidable to speculate on what leads a once popular spot to fall into disrepair.  Here in San Angelo, we have garnered a lot of online speculation over the years over Lower Ghost Camp.

The name itself suggests something paranormal and sinister.  The popular website  Atlas Obscura has a lot to say about the Lower Ghost Camp.

The abandoned location is a short hike from the River Bend Campsite within San Angelo State park.  There are a couple dozen concrete picnic tables overgrown with cacti. Many are still covered by rotted wooden awning, although many have fallen in to enhance the ghastly image of the site.

It doesn't take much imagination to picture something post apocalyptic in this scene of neglect and despair on public lands. The campsites were built in 1995 with the best of intentions around the time the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers leased out some 7,000 acres of land around O.C. Fisher Lake.

There are posts on social media that speculate as to why the Army Corps of Engineers shuttered the campsites. Adding to the spooky flavor of the location is a completely landlocked, cactus-lined boat ramp with no water in sight.

Photo: Joseph Browning for Townsquare Media
Photo: Joseph Browning for Townsquare Media

There have been paranormal investigations in the area.  According to West Texas Paranormal society social media posts from PStew or Paul Stewart their lead investigator the site was very active.  There were Electronic Voice Phenomenon of Native Americans. These are voices caught on electronic recording equipment that often are not heard at the time by human ears.

Reports of shadow figures, apparitions and disembodied voices were also observed and heard at the location.

It has been reported that humans have occupied this area for more than 18,000 years beginning with Paleo times.  The Jumano Indians occupied the area and they were the source of many drawings that suggest they may have had "other worldly experiences."

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If you wish to experience this paranormal campground, go south on the trail that goes through River Bend Campsites until you see the pipe trail marker for Lower Ghost Camp.  Even if you don't see ghosts, you might see half ton members of the Texas Official Longhorn Herd who freely roam the area so exercise caution.

If you go, perhaps bring  a little sage and a prayer book just in case the often seen shadow figures or other ghostly apparitions don't follow you home.

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