Sturgill Simpson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday night (Dec. 10th), it was there that Kimmel officially announced the new album. If you missed the performance in real-time, it wasn't much later that Cuttin’ Grass Vol. 2 (The Cowboy Arms Sessions) hit streaming platforms. 

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Surprise or not, we're just pumped to get our ears a taste of his second bluegrass album in as many month. If you missed it early on in the worldwide pandemic Sturgill and his fans raised around $230,000 for various charities he supports, for which Sturgill promised us two new album in 2020. This, and Vol. 1 was him following through on that promise.

“On Volume 2, we recorded everything I was too afraid to do on Volume 1… It’s hard to deny that this is a much more personal record. I was thinking about my kids, my grandfather, my wife,” Sturgill

On June 1st, the Grammy winner shared a (now deleted) video to Instagram where he introduced fans to several folks as he made his way through a studio, then turned the camera on himself and said, “Get your Zyrtec ready cause we cuttin’ that grass.”

So as Simpson made-good on that promise I will try not to dwell on the fact that had we raised $1 million we'd be getting even more.

 Cuttin’ Grass Vol. 2 TRACK LIST:

1. Call To Arms
2. Brace for Impact (Live a Little)
3. Oh Sarah
4. Sea Stories
5. Hero
6. Welcome To Earth (Pollywog)
7. Jesus Boogie
8. Keep It Between The Lines
9. You Can Have The Crown
10. Tennessee
11. Some Days
12. Hobo Cartoon

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