'Fight Me' Ninja Is Possibly The Best Prank Ever
You're walking through the park, and you see a person dressed as a ninja, face mask and all. He stands perfectly still, a cardboard sign at his feet with the words, "Fight Me" -- would you?
Those who did are in for a quite a surprise, but this is possibly the best prank ever - …
Extreme Midget Wrestling In San Angelo Tonight!
Extreme Midget Wrestling makes a stop in San Angelo tonight!
The little guys will be pounding on each other tonight at Shenanigans Sports Bar in San Angelo!  Our very own Chuck Baker will broadcast from the bar from 6 until 8 pm tonight and you never know, Chuck could be stepping into the s…
Ingenious Pranksters Fill Friend's House With Beer
In this hilarious video, a group of friends in New Zealand decide to rig the water lines in their buddy’s house so that beer came out of every tap in the house. Then, they set up dozens of cameras all over the house to catch his reaction. It’s a prank that will h…

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