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As a dog owner, I will never understand why some people treat their dogs with such cruelty. A sad example of a dog being mistreated was recently shared to TikTok by Maddy Yates who found a dog that had been chained up outside an abandoned home for five years in Houston, Texas.

Yates spoke with neighbors who said they were watching out for the pup, who they referred to as Hooch. It's unknown how long ago Hooch's owners abandoned him after leaving the house, but the neighbors said he had been chained up out there for five years. Yates and her boyfriend decided to rescue the dog despite already having five of their own pups at home.

Yates brought Hooch into their home, allowing him to decompress, eat and run around in the yard. They found out that he's an absolute sweetheart that loves plush toys, scratches and all the attention he can get. They also had their friend who is a dog trainer come by to do some work with Hooch before allowing him to meet the rest of their pups. He did extremely well in his little training session, quickly picking up on commands and being easy to work with.

Overall, Hooch seems to be an amazing pup that deserves a great home. Yates is planning to bring him to the vet in order to get him checked out and make sure he's healthy before finding him his forever home. You can stay up-to-date with any updates on Hooch by following Yates' TikTok account, @glassgirl44.

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