Unless you may have forgot, we're still inside of a pandemic and cases are once again on the rise in Texas which has understandably caused another round of anxiety and confusion for a lot of folks. But this story is an early 2022 contender for "What the heck were you thinking" and the wild part is, it comes from someone who works around children everyday.

An awkward situation at a COVID testing site.


According to multiple reports from WKRC and KPRC, Sarah Beam, a 10th grade English teacher at Cypress Falls High School, pulled into a COVID testing site on Monday and witnesses state that she told workers that her 13 year old son who had tested positive for COVID was locked in the TRUNK of her CAR.

She went on to add that she put him there in an effort to not catch COVID herself.


Court documents went on to say the witnesses asked Beam to open the trunk, which she did and they found the teen laying down unrestrained in the trunk. Police were called after the teen was removed who was thankfully unharmed. Beam is now wanted for Felony Child Endangerment.

Beam is not in police custody at the time of this article.

Police are still searching for Beam after they showed up to arrest her at her home in Jersey Village. The Cy-Fair school district where she's been employed since 2011, says that's she's on administrative leave but released no other details on if they plan to allow her to keep teaching in the future.

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