This is one of those San Angelo events that continues to grow like crazy in popularity each year and the 3rd Annual 'Cowboy Gathering' is September 11th and 12th at the Wells Fargo Pavilion.

That may seem like a long time away but I visited this morning with Terri Holland, coordinator for the event on the 'Kickin' Wake-Up Call' and she explained how everything having to do with this event is moving very fast.

They have already sold out of vendor space, nearly all sponsorships have been purchased, and tickets are flying out the door.

It doesn't really surprise me when you consider the lineup of live music that will be there this year, plus the opportunities for shopping in various booths, good food, and just a lot of fun to enjoy.

Terri gave us a rundown as to this year's entertainment lineup, which charity it benefits this time, how to get your tickets, and all other aspects of this year's Cowboy Gathering during the interview which you can listen to here.