Linda Grace with United Blood Services came in this morning and talked to us about a very special blood drive this Saturday at Sunset Mall. Many of you will already be in the Mall taking advantage of this tax free weekend and now you have an opportunity to win some really cool items by giving blood while you're there.

Linda explained how you can win everything from Cowboys football tickets, to a new car!

You can even vote for your favorite first responder while there.

Linda talked about how great the need is for blood in the summertime and about the supply on hand at this time.

Just for giving blood, you get a $5.00 gift card, a Custom Heroes T- shirt, a chance to win Cowboys tickets, possibly even a new car, and more.

Linda gave us the hours of this promotion in the Mall Community Room this Saturday as well as contact information for questions that you may have.

Listen to the above interview from the Kickin' Wake-Up Call this morning for all of the details.

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