This Friday night The Rusty Brothers will not only be making their Blaine's Pub debut but also their San Angelo debut.  Join the guys at Blaine's Friday and give them a warm San Angelo welcome.

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The Dallas based Rusty Brothers are making their San Angelo/Blaine's Pub debut Friday night which should be a dang good time.  The four piece group consists of the two brothers Steven and Andrew McWilliams along with Dwayne "D-Bob" Bollmeyer and Derron Bell.  I've had Andrew in studio while he was on radio tour promoting their debut single which I know you've heard, Little Sister.  Little Sister is currently sitting #44 on the charts which is dang good for a first radio release.  The guys also went and made a pretty snazzy music video for the song as well that takes place in a record shop so it won me over automatically.  Take a listen and gander below.  I'll see you Friday night at Blaine's Pub for The Rusty Brothers live.