Well ladies and gentlemen it's finally here and I can hardly wait until Midnight Rodeo's Saturday night show.  Randy Rogers and Sean McConnell will be doing an acoustic song swap, don't miss it.

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We are just four days away from, for me, the 2nd most anticipated show in San Angelo this year.  Many of you know I am a huge Sean McConnell fan and of course I've been a fan of Randy Rogers Band since Lincoln was in office.  Finally I get to see these two powerhouse singer/songwriters perform together for The Tour Of Two Beards.  I haven't seen Sean play in about 4 years, my schedule just never matches his tour schedule.  Sean recently released the album Midland which is jam packed with hit after hit.  There's something for everybody on the album but nothing beats Sean's bluesy and rockin' songs.  The Randy Roger Band has an album set to come out early next year titled Trouble and released two radio singles already, One More Sad Song and Trouble Knows My Name.  I was and wasn't surprised at the same time to here Mr. Willie Nelson singing along with Randy on Trouble Knows My Name which is the current radio single.  Come out to Midnight Rodeo Saturday night, join in on this show of the century and be sure to pick up some band swag at the merch table.  With fresh new music from two phenomenal musicians, cold beer and great friends what more could you ask for on a Texas Saturday night?

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Randy Rogers Band - Trouble Knows My Name

Sean McConnell - Novocaine