Just when you thought you couldn't be surprised by a new holiday food, it's here...the Translucent Pumpkin Pie...
It seems that everywhere you look during the holiday season, you see many pumpkin-flavored products. Odds are you have not seen this Chicago chef’s latest invention. Translucent pumpkin pie. It is a very unique creation from three-star Michelin restaurant Alinea and went viral after a pair of Instagram posts by chef de cuisine Simon Davies.

Davies says...“It fits into our menu in a playful way and allows our guests to experience something new. We by no means (tried) to re-create a classic.”

Davies won't say how he made a holiday classic see-through, but he will share the ingredients. Organic, locally grown pumpkins, cinnamon, clove, ginger powder, flour, butter, water, heavy cream, Tahitian vanilla, sugar and salt somehow made orange disappear. It’s an amazing and really strange sight, but I understand that it is delicious!

You figure out how he did it!




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