On Sunday, a social media post threatened a local San Angelo school.  Officers of the San Angelo Police Department were alerted to the post. Right away, the Criminal Investigation Division were requested to help with the investigation.

According to the San Angelo Police Department press release, the investigation continued until the morning hours of this morning (Monday, September 12th). Working together with The San Angelo Independent School District, they were able to provide additional security to local schools.  During this time, San Angelo Police Detectives maintained a visual on the suspect, until they 16 year old male could be apprehended.

Fortunately, the subject of the investigation was taken into custody and was charged with "Terroristic Threats".

That is all we know now about the incident.  According to a statement by The San Angelo Independent School District, by law they are not allowed to publicly disclose the names of the students involved or the disciplinary actions taken.

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Quick action by our local authorities and literally dozens of parents and students who saw the threatening social media posts and reported them, likely saved what could have been a serious situation from unfolding.

This time it worked.

The school district encourages everyone to say alert and report threats of any kind to a district, school official or law enforcement agency. There is also a STAY ALERT link on the school district's website.

The threatening post featured a hand holding two bullets with the caption: "I've got 100 of these for school and the last one is for me".  The post is chilling.  Let's hope the individual who posted this gets help. For now, we must stay vigilant and alert. If there is ever another "next time", let's hope our vigilance comes through again.

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