Our good friend Rita Ballou takes the time to collect the wittiest, most topical and sometimes very random tweets each week from the Texas scene. Then, after she gathers them up, I steal ‘em. And that takes us to right up, to right here. Check out “This Week in Texas Music Tweets,” including a “thank you” tweet from Randy Rogers, a patriotic one from Bart Crow, and it wouldn’t be a true “T.W.I.T.M.T” without a Hayes Carll tweet from Down Under.

This week in Texas Music tweets

@rrbchoir: Thank you for letting me write my own songs and letting us record them as a band of brothers. This new single is as real as I could be.

@hayescarll: My first kangaroo burger. No cholesterol.

@raywylie: there have been many nights at some of my gigs i have talked to a whole lot of empty chairs.

@joshabbottband: I believe we are sold out tonight here in college station. I’ll let you know if I’m wrong! Thanks! See you tonight…well, if you have a tkt.

@gettinsweenered: One thing that amazes me still is HOW much stuff I can fit into one suitcase. 20 minutes ago my room liked a bomb went off..Seriously amazed

@BartCrow: I may wear this @ our show @ Lakeside Icehouse in Bryan/College Station tonight! #merica

@kyle_park: I can kill a deer or buffalo with just my arrow and my hickory bow from a hundred yards, don’t you know. I do it all the time.

@EarlDibblesJr: #ThatAwkwardMoment when a city boy asks if my barbed wire tattoo goes all the way around.

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