Johnny Cooper is playing Blaine's Pub tonight. This guy started making great music and achieving a lot of success at a very early age and he just keeps taking it to the next level!!

Johnny has a great voice, a tight band, great songwriting....and a stage presence that is very dynamic.

Cooper is one of those guys you can't put in a box and say he is this or that. No, his sound is a very unique blend of influences including Texas Country, Rock, blues, and very soulful.

Johnny is a ball of fire on stage....constantly moving to the beat! It's easy to see how much he feels his music just by watching and listening to him on stage!

If you get a chance to see the show tonight, do will love the experience of Johnny Cooper.

Lets throw back a few years for an older Johnny Cooper song to get you ready for the show. Check out the above video to Johnny Cooper's song 'Crazy' which is from his 'Follow' Album released back in 2009.

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