Lyle Lovett is such a great singer, songwriter, and performer. He can give it to you any way you want it from an outstanding acoustic show, to a full blown production with Lyle Lovett and his Large Band (horns and all).

Lyle tours all over the U.S. and in many countries abroad. In October he is headed up to New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kansas, and numerous other Eastern States.

I believe he now has 14 albums to his credit.... so far, and so much great music on all of them.

It's Throwback Thursday when we always like to dig back and bring you a great classic song.

It was tough trying to decide which one of Lyle's I wanted to offer you today but this is such a great song. Guys are proud of their hats, wear them a certain way, and do not want anyone messing with their hat, right guys? Therefore, lets reach back to 1996 for Lyle Lovett and 'Don't Touch My Hat'. Check it out in the above video.


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