Chocolates? Flowers? Those will take a backseat this Mother's Day.

Canadian-based restaurant Tim Hortons is offering a donut hole bouquet for Mother's Day because...because...well, do we really need a reason?

“At Tim Hortons restaurants, we believe that all mothers deserve a gift that is as sweet as they are,” said executive vice president of Tim Hortons U.S., Felipe Athayde.

The bouquet comes with 24 bite-sized donuts (Mom can forget that whole "a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips" thing, right?) that cost $7.99.

Like not getting annoyed with your mother because this is her day, this deal will only be available on Mother's Day, at participating locations.

Between this yummy dessert and a nice steaming hot plate of mac and cheese, it's safe to say you can skip the fancy fancy and pricey brunch this year and go for the comfort foods we all love.

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