This weekend thousands of kids across the U.S. will be sitting at home eating candy that their parents gave them instead of dressing up like Harley Quinn or Spiderman and hitting up their neighbors for it.

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In fact, I came across a survey that is reporting that 83% of people say they're still planning to buy Halloween candy this year, but 40% of these people are only going to buy their favorite candy because they don't plan to hand it out.

But wait, before you max out on Snickers, don't eat all of it. The survey also found three-quarters of parents are still planning to take their kids out for at least a little trick-or-treating this year, but they'll only go to an average of five houses.


Cody Jinks, and at least one of his many, many fans prepared for All Hallow's Eve by carving the country crooner's mug into her pumpkin. How rad is this? The Fort Worth native recently shared this picture of Mandy Penny's artwork to his Instagram.

How they hell did she do this? Nice work. Happy Halloween!

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Awesome. Thanks Mandy Penny for sharing. #jinks #halloween

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