If you are a listener of ours we need your help please and thank you.

As most of you know we don't have a station truck any more due to some mechanical problems that we had with the old one, so we have been using our personal trucks with magnets on them to represent the station at the live events that we go to.  These magnets are pretty expensive and we try to take care of them as best as we can so that we do not have to replace them.

Two weeks ago while at Midnight Rodeo for the Chris Knight show someone decided to help them selves to one of our magnets. We have had the current magnets for less than a week when it was taken. If you have our magnet please bring it back you have no real use for it and it does you no good to just keep it hiding. We are not going to punish you in any way we would just like to have our station items back so that we can continue to support Texas Music and represent our station at the fullest capacity.


The magnets look like the one in the picture above with the exception it has the new logo that has the skull on it instead of the badge.

Thanks for every ones help and understanding,

Tommy Stubbs

Program Director

Kickin Country

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