When buying a vehicle, maybe color should be a bigger consideration than expected.

A study done in the UK deciphers which color vehicles bids most likely poop on. Now I know you're probably thinking, “Do birds really prefer to poop on a certain color car?” The answer is yes. In a study of 1140 cars, there were obvious winners.

The most pooped on car color is red. Red was pooped on 18% of the time with blue trailing with 14%.  Just think about this if you're a clean car freak. I, personally, am not. I live out of my car which means it only gets cleaned when I get an oil change (because they wash it for you). The third most pooped on color is black with 11%, then white at 7%, then grey at 3%.

Now the color of car pooped on the least is green with only 1%.  Just think about this next time you buy a car- would you rather have a poopless green car, or a heavily pooped on red car? The decision is yours. While you're thinking about this, watch this video.


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