Pundits might question Carmelo Anthony's shot selection or defensive skills, but they best not doubt the all-star forward's toughness. In a recent interview with WebMD magazine, the New York Knicks' star talked about growing up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Baltimore. It was a bleak setting for a kid.

Anthony said he used to squeegee the windshields of stopped motorists to make money and avoid the drug culture that claimed many of the other residents of his neighborhood.

“We’d all push each other. We’d get each other in the morning, walk to school, walk to practice, like a little breakfast club,” Anthony said. “I didn’t have anyone to show me which steps to walk, which way to go. I didn’t have that in my neighborhood. But I had my peers, and we pushed each other, we motivated each other.”

Anthony is certainly aware of the lows that can come with growing up disadvantaged in a rough city.  He seems like he has never forgotten who helped him get to where he is now, nor what he's had to do to get there.

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