Things tend to get a little wild and crazy every week as we celebrate Wild Women Wednesday. It lives up to its name! You and your friends need to join the fun.

All week long once again we have seen 104 degrees or more in pure heat and I know you've got to be ready for a break. I certainly am and I invite you to join our Wild Women Wednesday at Fat Boss's Pub starting at 6 pm.

We have so many great things for you and your friends to enjoy! We always give a lot of money away to the ladies playing table games and drawing for cash door prizes. To cool you down from the hot day, how about an ice cold margarita? If beer is your pleasure, there are plenty to choose from.

Don't forget about the delicious free food that we start serving at 6 pm. Get there early and enjoy while it lasts. It's a great atmosphere (mostly because I'm there), along with a great wait staff, a fun mix of music, and best of all it's where fun people come to have a fun time!