How odd is it that someone so clearly steeped in country music roots, with an undeniable, and unapologetic traditional country sound, can be considered as groundbreaking as Cody Jinks, is?

It likely speaks more to the desire for honest music  today, and the sheer lack of it, than anything else. Cody Jinks is groundbreaking, and Cody Jinks is a traditionalist. He is honest, he sings the truth, and guess what?

New Jinks music is nearly here.

Some might cry “blasphemy” comparing Jinks to a Sturgill Simpson or a Chris Stapleton — but did you listen to that video up there? Each time the comparison is met with dropped jaws of disbelief. And while I have usually tend to harbor a disdain for comparing artists, sometimes you have to do it. It helps to drive a point home.

Jinks 2014 album Adobe Sessions, is hardcore, unforgiving, outlaw country; a la Waylon and Merle. So what can we expect from his new album, I'm Not the Devil, when it drops this Friday (Aug. 12)?

The exact same. Y'all are going to love it.

This Saturday Jinksy will be on with us for the exclusive radio debut of four tracks off the album. In the mean time, get by the Radio Texas, LIVE! Facebook page for a chance to win a copy before you can buy it. Good luck!