A heart wrenching song inspired by real life events close to home that helped save a life and continues to impact more folks across the radio each day.


A duo with a mission is what I see and a tough mission to tackle at that, but the Texas Music Duo didn't let that hinder their efforts of helping others. After being deeply affected by the aftermath of a suicide of their original drummer the duo went to the music to express feelings.

The song that came from those feelings was a strong and powerful piece that really moves a persons heart. But after being played at a station in College Station and recieving a letter from a fan:

"I've been on that bed. This song saved my life a few weeks back. Right when everything seemed hopeless, I heard this song. I heard it on the radio never before this and never since. Now it is in my playlist and I listen to it everyday! I'm sure you've heard this from people that want something from you, but I had to tell you and all I want is to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! Can't wait to see you again in College Station!".

Rosehill knew they had a message to send out to people in need. The band started the "Save A Life Tonight" suicide prevention campaign. Its the bands wishes to use the song and video as a means to reach out to those in crises and help guide them to organizations and people that can help them. Its also important to bring this issue out of the closet and remove the stigma associated with depression and suicide.

Blake Myers says" We are absolutely committed to this effort. We know what it feels like to have lost someone to suicide and we want to do everything we can to prevent future losses." Mitch McBain adds to that saying" If this song and initiative saves one more life it will have been worth the effort."

Download the song here and all profits from the song will be donated to suicide prevention organizations.