Christopher Nolan’s epic conclusion to ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy opens this weekend. If this is the end of Batman’s caped crusade — what will he do afterwards?

We live in tough economic times, but we think Batman has more than enough marketable skills to find another job. Sure, Batman’s career was a sucessful one, but one cannot be a superhero forever.

We thought up some career choices Batman could make. Since he’s a well-educated billionaire he could technically do whatever he wants, but he isn’t lazy. Batman likes to make the most of his time. So here are 10 new career options.

1. A part time Bar Mitzvah magician.

2. Gotham’s anonymous gossip blogger.

3. Start his own pest control service named ‘Bat Cage.’

4. Phone sex operator.

5. Open a daycare center called “Bat Brats.”

6. Team up with Commissioner Gordon to start a company that manufactures novelty searchlights.

7. Instruct self-defense courses at the YMCA.

8. Mitt Romney running mate.

9. Play Abed in the upcoming season of ‘Community.’

10. Bat whisperer.

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