It may not be actual Zombie Evacuation Training but there is a new type of 5K race coming to Texas in December.  The Run For Your Lives zombie 5k run will be December 15, 2012 south of Austin, TX.


In the midst of all the zombie shows, games and 'real life zombies' a new type of 5K race has come about for all those avid runners and zombie enthusiasts.  Reed Street Productions held the first Run For Your Lives in Darlington, MD last year with over 10,000 spectators and participants.  With such a great turn out they've decided to expand to 12 locations for the 2012 Run For Your Lives 5K race.  On December 15 2012 the race will be in Austin, TX and my friend Greg shot me a text to see if I knew anything about so let's break it down.

A 5K run typically is just running 3.1 miles with a large group of people.  However this one will be a bit more challenging with obstacles and zombies to navigate not to mention it's not on paved surfaces and being subject to the elements can also take a toll.  Before the race each runner will receive 3 flags similar to that of flag football, except with zombies.  The zombies will be trying to take your flags while you maneuver around them.  If you cross the finish line without any flags you have been changed to a zombie.  There are health bonuses hidden through the course, if you carry one across the finish line it will save your life.  The obstacles are both natural and man-made but you don't have to complete the obstacles.  Although if you skip one you can't win any prizes.  You must cross the finish line with at least one flag on your belt or a health bonus.  If you cross the line with no flags, you're a zombie and not eligible for any awards but your time will still be recorded.

For competing in Run For Your Lives you'll get some cool swag regardless of your finishing time or if you've been turned to a zombie or not.  You will receive a shirt, racing bib with number, a medal to show if you survived or changed to a zombie, ONE FREE BEER, a pass to the 'Apocalypse Party' and last but not least advanced training for an actual Zombie Apocalypse.  The Apocalypse Party is the after party for the race which includes live local entertainment and music, drinks, food, vendors and zombies.  The band line up has yet to be released but I assume being in Austin it should be pretty decent.  Tickets are $77-$87 to compete and a portion of every ticket sold will be donated to the American Red Cross.  Are you willing to give it a shot?  Think you would survive?

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