We all remember the bizarre story from Florida about Rudy Eugene eating the face of a homeless man.  Toxicology report have come back with some surprising results. 


Many of us remember Rudy Eugene as the man shot while chowing down on the face of Ronald Poppo, a homeless man, over Memorial Day weekend and I have been waiting to see what the toxicology reports were going to show.  The Miami-Dade County medical examiner's office tests only found marijuana in Eugene's system.  That kind of bothers me.  I've heard time and time again since this outbreak of bath salts started that there is no test to trace bath salts in ones system.  Miami-Dade even sought the help of some outside toxicology labs to confirm their findings.  No traces of bath salts, synthetic marijuana (like K2) or LSD were found in Eugene's system.



I'm sure we've all been to IHOP or Whataburger late at night and have seen the group with the munchies ordering all sorts of weird items and eating it all but I've never heard someone say "I'll take the human face as an appetizer."  Eugene was tested for the key components in bath salts with no luck.  So what's next?  Will marijuana be called a ?  There was a report earlier this week of a 22 year old male in Waco suspected of smoking K2 then killed his roommate's dog and began eating it.  Who knows what is going on in this crazy world.  People are just sick.  What do you think, zombie or pothead?


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