Saturday afternoon police responded reports of two men fighting underneath a bridge.  They arrived to a gruesome  scene of cannibalism.  Warning- not for those with weak stomachs. 


Police arrived on the scene of cannibalism Saturday afternoon in North Miami Beach, Florida.  31 year old Rudy Eugene attacked 65 year old Ronald Poppo visciously by punching, kicking and eventually eating 75% of his face for 18 minutes.  Eugene was told numerous times by officers to stop attacking Poppo yet he simply looked at the officers, growled and kept chewing on the 65 year old man's face.  Officers shot Eugene multiple times with him showing no signs of stopping the brutal attack.  One final shot took Eugene's life.  The wildest part is after Eugene was deceased and quit chewing on Poppo's face, Poppo sat up and tried to walk.  Of course, right away headlines were calling Eugene a zombie but some officials say he could have been under the influence of a new drug going by the street name 'bath salts'.

The new designer drug called 'bath salts' is on the streets and it has crazy side effects including agitation, hallucinations, paranoia and suicide.  There have also been many reports of suicide within days of taking the drug.  The drug is readily available and is made with only three of the ingredients that make up commercial bath salts.  It is available in many smoke shops in bigger cities around the country.


Rudy Eugene has only had a few encounters with the law, the last one being three years ago.  He was the first person tasered by North Miami Beach Police after beating up his mother.  He has a violent history but a drug history has not popped up yet.  Toxicology reports won't be back for about a week so for all of us wondering, zombie or bath salts?  Now I have played the 'Nazi Zombies' part of 'Call Of Duty: Black Ops' but I never thought it would start up in Florida.

There have already been reports of more cannibalism tonight while writing this story.  21 year old Alexander Kinyua has confessed to killing his roommate, eating his heart and brain then hiding the head and hands in his parents laundry room.  No details on the involvement of 'bath salts' with this attack.  What do you think, zombies or bath salts or just plain sick people?

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