Last week I did a story last about the man that ate the face of a homeless man.  While zombies aren't exactly an immediate threat, a few people have asked what I would take with me if a zombie apocalypse were to happen.  I picked my top five so lets take a look at what I've chosen.


When choosing my top 5 items for a zombie apocalypse or 'ZA' as I will now call it now, I had to put some thought into this.  One of my items may strike some debate but I see it as six one way, half a dozen the other.  My controversial item is my camping backpack.

My camping backpack has a few supplies that should be taken if you are out camping or hiking.  It includes a first aid kit, two lighters, water purification tablets, duct tape, bug spray, a Leatherman tool and a water bottle.  I'm calling that one item as it is easily grabbed and just sits in the corner of my room.  Item number two would be my firearms.  That's a no brainer, you have to have protection during a ZA.  Third I would grab all my ammunition, what good is a gun without ammo?  Fourth item on the list would be my ax.  The ax has many uses as a tool and a defensive weapon too.  It's not a full size ax but it's not a hatchet so it's the perfect size and light weight.  For my fifth item I am torn between the big gas can in the backyard or clothes.  I'm sure I'd be able to find clothes on my ventures so I'll take the gas can.

You may be saying to yourself 'Ben, what about food?'  Well to answer that question I'll let you know I've planned stopping by Freebirds on my way out and grabbing a Super Monster.  That should suffice.  I just hope the people working there hadn't turned into zombies yet.  Honestly, I would probably head to my grandparents house in the middle of nowhere but it'd only take about 9 hours so I'm sure I'd find food along the way and if not I could wait till I got there.  What is your top 5?

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