Here's 7 things I bet you didn't know about Santa Claus according to The Centre for Economics and Business Research...

Santa Claus is about to embark on his biggest night of the year. No doubt it takes some special holiday magic for him to visit the whole world. But do you realize just what goes into him hitting every house in the world?



  • 1

    All That Milk And Cookies

    Santa will devour 150 billion calories on Christmas Eve as a result of eating Christmas cookies .. this is 60,000 times his daily recommended intake.

    Credit: Penn State University
  • 2

    Can't Slow Down

    Santa will visit 5,556 houses per second on Christmas Eve.

    Credit: Daniel Krylov
  • 3

    That's A Lot of Kids To Visit

    Santa will deliver gifts to 1.6 billion children.

  • 4

    Wrap It Up

    Santa will wrap presents with 1.5 million miles of paper.

  • 5

    Show Us The Money

    Santa will deliver over $459 billion worth of presents.

  • 6

    Can't Stop, Won't Stop

    Santa will make over 640 million stops on Christmas Eve.

  • 7

    Clocking In Overtime

    Santa will work for 32 straight hours.