Have you noticed an increase in the price of steak, hamburger, pork chops, or ribs?

According to MSN, in the last week of April, meat prices in many areas jumped by 8%.  Some experts are now saying that we could see the price of meat jump to 120% of what they were at this time last year.


We're dealing with the beginning of a meat shortage brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.  As of last week, 115 meat processing plants across the United States had reported confirmed cases of COVID-19.  So far, there have been over 4,900 cases of COVID-19 reported among meat packing plant employees.  Twenty of those workers passed away from the virus.

Here in Maine, there was a significant outbreak at a Tyson Chicken processing plant.  At last count, over fifty workers from that plant had been confirmed as being infected by the virus.

Outbreaks have forced some plants to temporarily close, while causing others to run at a diminished capacity.  Because of shortage concerns, President Trump recently signed an executive order attempting to force processing plants to stay open.

As a result of the shortages, some grocery store chains have started limiting the amount of meat customers can purchase.  Additionally, many fast food chains say they are closely monitoring the situation and, in some cases, have began modifying their menus due to shortages.

WCSH 6 reminds us that, on the plus side, here in Maine we have local farms whose livestock supplements meat brought in from out of state.

Have you noticed any price increases or meat shortages where you shop?  Tell us about them by sending a message through our app?

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